Youth Protection Training

As previously announced, a NEW Youth Protection Training course is required for all registered leaders before they will be able to renew their BSA membership later this year. The current Youth Protection Training certificate (from the old course) expired on September 30, 2018.

Online Youth Protection Training - To complete the training online, you will need to create an account in my.scouting. Follow the directions to take the training.

Dates for completing the training via webinar - 2018 Youth Protection Plan

To become a certified YPT trainer, view this Go to Meeting presentation and then contact Darin Steindl with your name and mailing address - you will be sent the training materials so that you can conduct face to face training sessions.

Family Friends of Scouting Scheduling

During the first few months of each year (usually Jan/Feb/Mar), we ask packs and troops to allow a Family Friends of Scouting presentation to be scheduled during the Blue and Gold Banquet, Court of Honor or other pack/troop meeting. The district will have a presenter attend and talk to the parents for about 8-10 minutes about how the council supports the local pack. Parents are then given the opportunity to make a financial pledge to the Friends of Scouting campaign. This is not a high-pressure sales pitch.

To schedule a presentation for your pack or troop, click here.

Join Scouting!!!

If your son or daughter is in Kindergarten and not yet 18 years old, we have an excellent youth development program for them to become involved in - Cub Scouts  (for grades K-5) or Boy Scouts  (for grades 6-12). We have coed programs that youth at least 14 years old can join - Venturing and ExploringFor more information about joining click here.

Parents - we have a short video for you on YouTube, click here to view the video.


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