May Roundtable


  • Summer Camp updates
  • Scoutbook - what it is and how to use it

The main session of the roundtable was recorded. You can access the recording here. Please forward to 16:16 for the actual beginning of the Roundtable.


Roundtable Handouts

Parents Trail Guide to Scoutbook

Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents

Using Scoutbook to Communicate with Your Unit

Advancement Information

Links to Useful Websites


Information Flyers for Anyone in the Council

May Camping Newsletter Butler Scholarship Form
National Youth Leaders Training (NYLT) Scout Night with Fighting Hawks 2021
Camp Wilderness events Scout Night with Fargo Force 2021

Oxcart Trails (D3)


Lakes (D4)

Cub Twilight Camp 2020

Northern Sky (D5)


Lake Agassiz (D8)


Roughrider (D10)


Tomahawk (D11)


Frontier Trails (D13)


Great Plains (D14)




Poll Questions from May Roundtable

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