Activities and Service


Activity or Service Project Date(s)
EPA Award (see details below) January 1 - December 31, 2021
Rifle Shooting at RRMC January 24, 2021
Winter Camp (Cub Scouts) January - March 2021
Winter Camp (Scouts BSA) January - March 2021
Scout Sunday February 7, 2021
Council Pinewood Derby TBD
Scouting for Food Service Project March 13-20, 2021
Council Recognition Luncheon March 27, 2021
Scouts BSA Summer Camp June - August 2021
Cub Scout Adventure Camp June - July 2021
Cub Scout Twilight / Day Camps June - July 2021
Medora Service Project & Camp June - September 2021
Council Trek to Philmont August 2-15, 2021


50th Anniversary Environmental Protection Agency Award

The Environmental Protection Agency, as part of a public awareness campaign to celebrate its first 50 years, has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to create an award for members of troops, crews and ships. This new award will recognize youth who research and learn about the subjects of human health and the environment, as the EPA develops its vision for the next 50 years.

The objective of the EPA award is to combine a variety of disciplines to challenge and educate youth; introduce them to the breadth of the EPA’s involvement in environmental protection and conservation; and encourage them to research, investigate, experiment, demonstrate, survey, and study air pollution, water pollution, solid and hazardous waste, and ocean dumping.

Members must earn the Public Health merit badge and three additional merit badges from selected categories. Finally, they must participate in an environmental/public health community service project as part of an approved Scouting program.

Download the award application



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Council Activities & Civic Service Committee

Position Name Phone
Committee Chair    
Prairie Fire District Rep.    
Northern Sky District Rep.    
Lake Agassiz District Rep.    
Roughrider District Rep.    
Tomahawk District Rep.    
Frontier Trails District Rep.    
Great Plains District Rep.    
Member at Large    
Staff Advisor Darin Steindl (701) 499-0646


Resources for Activities Committee Members

Activities and Civic Service Guide

Event Safety Checklist (pdf)

Event Planning & Promotion Checklist (pdf)

Event Planning & Promotion Checklist (excel)

Black Pug event registration worksheet

For Short-Term Camps (events with 1, 2 or 3 overnights)

Short-Term Camp Standards at a Glance

Short-Term Camp - Planning Flowchart 2021

NCAP Standards


How to Record a Unit Activity Using Internet Advancement (IA)

Knowledge Base Article (step by step instructions

Unit Leaders, Unit Key 3, Unit Advancement Chairs and Key 3 Delegates are each invited to create and approve unit activities, each containing many participants. Reports are available for providing quick summaries of unit and individual progress over time.

For full access to enter activities for everyone in the unit and to approve activities, you must be the unit leader, Chartering Organization Representative or Committee Chair of your unit on your official roster (not just in Scoutbook.) If not one of these three, you will need to be designated in Organization Security Manager at as a Key 3 Delegate or an Advancement Chair by someone holding one of the three positions above. To make such a delegation, see the guide here. For more on Organization Security Manager see:


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