Help our North Dakota Students to know about Scouting; Support Bill 1356


We need your help right now: Critical to the success of Scouting school access legislation is contacts with the individual Senators by board members, adult leaders, parents, and Scouts. Individual contacts need to be reported back to ensure that each Senator is contacted multiple times.

You can find your senators and contact information at

What to say and who to contact:

We need you to contact Senators NOW by email, phone, or text. List of Senators.
Our bill is first up Monday (4/5) at 1:00 pm. Most Senators are at home and most will be traveling back to Bismarck on Monday morning.
At the urging of opponents of our Scouting School Access bill HB 1356, the Senate Education Committee is recommending to the Senate that a harmful amendment be added to our bill and then that the Senate then "Do Pass" the amended bill. Both votes were 4-2.
The amendment says that the brief presentations to students must be "outside of instructional time." Without the amendment, the local principal can designate the time the principal thinks best during the school day for the presentations by representatives of Youth Patriotic Societies--the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. These brief presentations are usually in the classroom.
Please contacts the Senators:
Subject: "HB 1356 - Please Defeat Amendment and Pass original bill"
Body (words such as these):
"An unnecessary and harmful amendment has been recommended for HB 1356. I urge you to defeat the amendment and pass the original bill.
The amendment has been pushed by those who want to kill the bill or make it worse.
Without the amendment, the local principal can designate the time the principal thinks best during the school day for a brief presentation by a representative of a Youth Patriotic Society--the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.
Thank you."
[Include your name]

We can all contact our individual Senators.  The more times they are contacted in support the more likely they are to vote to support the bill.

Find your Legislators

Contact your Senator to share your support for this bill.

Emails are a common way to communicate with legislators but should not go in a "bulk blast" to every legislator.

It’s best to say it your own way. Always thank for support or urge support of Original H.B. 1356.


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