Help our North Dakota Students to know about Scouting; Support Bill 1356


Good News, HB 1356, has passed the House with a vote of 54 to 38. You can check out how each House Representative voted here.  Please take a moment and thank your representative who supported this effort.

We still need your help: Critical to the success of Scouting school access legislation is contacts with the individual Senators by board members, adult leaders, parents, and Scouts. Individual contacts need to be reported back to ensure that each Senator is contacted multiple times.

You can find your senators and contact information at

What you can do help

We can all contact our individual legislators.  The more times they are contacted in support the more likely they are to vote to support the bill.

Find your Legislators

Contact your Senator to share your support for this bill.

It is important to contact every Senator to urge support of it. Legislators keep track of bills by bill number so it is important to always include the bill number (HB 1356).

Please contact every member of the Senate Education Committee:

How is the best way to contact and what should I say?

Contacts from those who know individual legislators are effective. Contacts from constitutes are important and persons contacting the legislators should include their address. Personal contact can be particularly effective. Emails are a common way to communicate with legislators but should not go in a "bulk blast" to every legislator.

During the session, typed or handwritten letters are good and can be mailed to individual legislators using this format:

The Honorable [Full Name]
State Senate
State Capitol
600 East Boulevard
Bismarck, ND 58505

Re: HB 1356

Dear Senator [Last Name],

Each contact needs to urge the legislator to support the bill (or thank for being a sponsor). It should mention the importance of the Scout program and the importance of being able to tell kids at school about the opportunity to be involved in the Scout program.

It’s best not to have the same letter that everyone sends. Here are some points that could be made:

  • Patriotism, citizenship, and civic education are important.
  • Scouting teaches patriotism, citizenship, and civic education.
  • We need to get kids into Scouting
  • To get kids into its programs, Scouting needs to make a brief presentation in the schools each year to tell kids about the program and how they can get involved.
  • Scouting is a worthwhile way for kids to spend their spare time. 
  • The bill will help make sure that kids hear about Scouting.
  • The bill is very narrow, providing for a brief presentation.
  • Please support Scouting.

It’s best to say it your own way. Always thank for support or urge support of H.B. 1356.


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