College of Commissioner Science

The College of Commissioner Science is an annual training event focused on developing the skills useful to a unit, roundtable, or administrative commissioner. The college provides of up to date information on the newest programs and materials, helps commissioners stay current in the techniques and application of commissioner service, and allows the discussion of issues and needs with other commissioners. Since many of those same skills are important to unit leaders, the college is not only for commissioners but is open to all Scouters.

The college is modeled after the academic system and consists of a Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degrees. The courses provided have been developed nationally by volunteers with years of experience and are focused on specific issues and needs of the commissioner.

All Commissioners should attend this training to improve their ability to serve their units.



Next College of Commissioner Science

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Bismarck, ND (exact location to be determined)



College of Commissioner Science Evaluation

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College of Commissioner Science Thesis Library

"Webelos Transition Program: Does it Work?"

"The Life Saving Commissioner's Role in a Unit with no Leader"

"Communication Between Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing"

"Everybody Deserves a Trained Leader"

"Where have all the young men gone? Or why do they leave Scouting?"

"Troop Initiated and Pack Initiated Strategies for Den Chief Placement"

"New Methods of Recruiting Commissioners"

"Religious Emblems Discussion"

"Journey to Excellence: Who is and isn't using it and why?"

Additional Information

List of NLC Scouter's and Degrees Earned

Commissioners Key

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Arrowhead Honor

Doctorate Knot Requirements

National Commissioner Visit

The National Commissioner, Ellie Morrison, visited with the participants of the Northern Lights Council's College of Commissioner Science on Saturday, April 13, 2019.

The first 1-2 minutes weren't recorded, but you can view the rest of the webinar by clicking here.

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