2021 Popcorn Sale


It's never too early to start planning!

Popcorn Key Leader Briefings - Units can earn an extra 2% commission for 2021 sales by having the Unit Popcorn Kernel participate in one of the Key Leader Briefings along with the either the Unit Committee Chair, Cubmaster or Scoutmaster (Unit Kernel + 1 other leader registered in one of the positions listed).

Tuesday, August 3 - Scout Center in Bismarck or by webinar

Tuesday, August 10 - Center for Scouting in Fargo or by webinar

Thursday, August 12 - Scout Office in Grand Forks or by webinar

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Unit Sign Up for the 2021 Popcorn Sale

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Top 12 Selling Scouts in the Council

Scout's Name District Unit Total Sales Prize
Andrew R. Northern Sky Troop 246 $ 12,500 $300 gift card
Brayden M. Northern Sky Pack 234 $ 10,660 $100 camp credit
Colten H. Roughrider Pack 32 $  7,607 $100 camp credit
Kyron S. Roughrider Pack 112 $ 6,882 $100 camp credit
Tolga K. Roughrider Pack 112 $ 6,525 $100 camp credit
Jaeger G. Prairie Fire Pack 352 $  5,425 $100 camp credit
Kolton A. Lake Agassiz Pack 59 $ 5,350 $100 camp credit
Riley K. Prairie Fire Pack 352 $ 5,345 $100 camp credit
Benjamin A. Northern Sky Troop 213 $ 5,280 $100 camp credit
Ian S. Northern Sky Troop 225 $ 5,260 $100 camp credit
Lucas K. Prairie Fire Pack 496 $ 5,135 $100 camp credit
Riley M. Northern Sky Troop 654 $ 5,005 $100 camp credit


Information was collected from Unit Popcorn Kernels as submitted by the deadline.


Top 10 Selling Units in the Council

Unit District Total Sales
Pack 112 Roughrider $ 32,210
Pack 32 Roughrider $ 31,110
Pack 13 Lake Agassiz $ 26,890
Pack 153 Frontier Trails $ 24,495
Troop 246 Northern Sky $ 23,960
Pack 28 Roughrider $ 21,330
Pack 234 Northern Sky $ 20,815
Pack 28 Lake Agassiz $ 20,255
Pack 59 Lake Agassiz $ 18,205
Pack 241 Northern Sky $ 17,935



12/23/20 Update

All of the popcorn has been received from Camp Masters now. The council has a small amount extra and our units also have extra available (see the 12/23/20 email below).

If you are a Unit Popcorn Kernel and still need to get popcorn, here is the information you need:

Prairie Fire - contact Brenda Thomson. She will have the popcorn next week.

Northern Sky - popcorn is available to pick up at the Center for Scouting.

Lake Agassiz - contact Lane Schirado or Kira Krueger. They will have the popcorn next week.

Roughrider - contact Rob Gilkerson. He has the popcorn now.

Tomahawk & Great Plains - contact Carleton Borden. He has the popcorn now.

Frontier Trails - contact Paul Maloney. He has the popcorn now.

- Darin Steindl, Director of Support Services


12/16/20 Update

Camp Masters is working on filling our request for more popcorn. They believe that they will be able to deliver the items to Fargo on Wednesday, December 23. Our council will then need to get the items to the appropriate districts.

Camp Masters will not be able to get us any additional product after this final shipment. So if your unit needs additional items, the only way we will be able to help is to get you in touch with one of our units that has the product you need.


12/15/20 Update

We are unable to fill some of the unit's additional orders at this time. If we have items available, your district executive will reach out to you to let you know when and where they can be picked up.

The other items that we don’t have were ordered from Camp Masters this morning.

When I placed the order, they explained that there is a shortage in their warehouse for some of the items (mainly the ones containing chocolate), but they are 100% committed to getting what we need shipped out. However, there may be a delay with them getting the items to us due to their production schedule and shipping before the upcoming holidays.


12/13/20 Update

Right now the council has small quantities of extra popcorn in all but one of the districts. We have received 56 requests from units for additional popcorn. We have also been notified by 24 units that they have extra popcorn. Some of the items that units need will have to be ordered from Camp Masters as the council and units do not have those items available.

I spent most of the day on Friday matching who needed popcorn and where we have available products. I will continue working on this Monday and Tuesday.

When Unit Kernels send an email, most of the time they forget to indicate which unit they are with. If they do indicate the unit, they forget to mention which district they are in. Terri Schultz, our popcorn staff leader who retired earlier this year, had been working with popcorn for 30+ years and knew which district each unit was in from memory. I have not yet memorized the 170+ units participating in the sale. So to speed up the process of identifying units that need popcorn and sources of popcorn, please use one of the links below to communicate with me.

In summary - please have patience. We will get the popcorn you need, but it may take a few days to get the items moved from one part of the council to another and then into your hands.


Keller Prize Program

Keller Prize Program website

Prize Descriptions

  • The code for Northern Lights Council is: 429NLC

Prize Ordering Instructions

Prize Order worksheet - use this worksheet to compile the order, then use it to submit the actual order online.

Prize Order Site

Bonus Prize Programs

Council Bonus Prize Order form (pdf) - for unit Top Sellers and Scouts that have $500+ in sales

  • Download this pdf to your computer desktop and save it
  • Then enter the information and save it
  • Email a copy to the council to this email address

Camp Masters High Achiever Prize form (pdf) - for Scouts that have $3,000+ in sales

  • Scouts that had qualified for the Trails End Schorlarship in 2019 or prior, may choose to take advantage of the Camp Masters "Scholarship Replacement" program and earn an extra 6% of their sales in 2020. But if a Scout chooses that option, they will not be eligible for the Camp Masters "High Achiever" prize. Scholarship Replacement form.



Qualified for +2% Commission (Calendar & Budget)

Qualified for +2% Commission (Key Leader Briefing)

Qualified for +2% Commission (Increased sales by 5%)

Qualified for the High Achiever program

Qualified for the Scholarship Replacement program




District District Kernel Phone
03 Oxcart Trails  Ben Smith  (218) 791-7353
04 Lakes  Carrie Braaten  (320) 304-9759
05 Northern Sky  Sandy Meyer  (218) 230-4737
08 Lake Agassiz  Jasmine Hurley  (218) 791-3218
10 Roughrider  Jen Eilts  (708) 710-9635
11 Tomahawk  Shelly Zumbaum  (701) 721-1333
13 Frontier Trails  Justine Meidinger  (701) 220-2270
14 Great Plains  Brant Cartwright  (701) 580-8969
Council Kernel  Steve Smith  (701) 364-4114



For general sale questions Darin Steindl  (218) 979-4653
For assistance with orders, paperwork or prizes Emilie Frenzel  (701) 293-5011


2020 Popcorn Sale Timeline



10-11  Final popcorn distribution to units in their district
29  Final payment due
29 To receive an extra 2% commission the unit must increase their sale 5% from the previous year
After December 29 3% late fee will be assessed for units that haven't paid in time


Information & Tools for Unit Leaders



Camp Masters 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ramsey Popcorn (the parent company of Camp Masters) guarantees complete satisfaction with each purchase. If not completely satisfied the consumer will receive a replacement product of equal or greater value ground shipped to them at the company's expense.

Unit Leader Support and Customer Service

Toll Free number - (800) 624-2060

Camp Masters Information & Tools

  • Camp Masters Popcorn System - this is the site where Scouts and Leaders will log in to manage their popcorn sale. Credentials for Unit Kernels will be emailed after the unit signs up to participate in the popcorn sale. Unit Kernels can set up accounts for Scouts and email them their credentials or may choose to have Scouts sign up themselves.
  • Camp Masters general information - this link will take you to Camp Masters main website. They have tools and ideas for: Scouts, Scout Families and Scout Leaders

Customers can order popcorn online and have it delivered directly to them with no shipping charges.

Typing in popcornordering.com into a web browser should direct the customer to the correct page, but if they can problems they can also go to https://ordering.campmasters.org/PopcornOrdering

Products will be available to order online up to 12/31/20. At that time, Camp Masters closes the online sale for the year.


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